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This is an arrow trend indicator looking for possible price reversals. It can be used as an additional or as the main tool for your trading strategy. The indicator uses the timeframe it is launched at.

At a new bar, the indicator calculates how many candlesticks have exceeded the previous High, and how many candlesticks have been registered below the previous Low. Then it calculates the ratio between them. If there have been more higher candlesticks, the indicator draws a buy arrow. If there have been more candlesticks with a lower low, a sell arrow is drawn. The High and Low are determined throughout the specified period up to the calculation candlestick.


  • Inp_Period – number of candles for analysis
  • Inp_BarsHistory – history depth for displaying arrows
  • Inp_BarsCount – number of candles exceeding high/low
  • Inp_Shadow – consider High/Low or only Open/Close prices
  • Inp_ArrowIndent – indent distance for arrows
  • Inp_Alert – a sound alert, notifying of a new arrow
  • Inp_SendMail - an e-mail notification about a new arrow
  • Inp_SendNotification - a push notification about a new arrow
rainwalker123 2018.06.01 18:53 

No, useless unfortunately

Simply, the indicator does not behave like in the overview. This missleads customers to buy

The vendor was very responsive and friendly, and added a push/email notification to it. Thank you for that.


I spend over 3000€uro in indicators here@MQL5. No one does really work good over a distance of time, at least to bring you some profits, let your account grow, even with a good moneymanagement.

I am not searching for the holy grail, but at least an indicator, who gives good entry and exit points.

I also tradet in direction of two EMAs 75+200 Short/Arrow but the result was very poor with the ArrowSignal indicator, in the 30Min timeframe.

Finally, what you see on the screenshots "Overview" is not how the indicator really works/behaves.

I will change my mind immediately, if the vendor makes some examples, how he use it.

I cannot believe it......

The author wants 500 USD, for such a crap of bullshit ?????


Rafael Teixeira Chaves
Rafael Teixeira Chaves 2018.01.09 22:34 

Assertiveness of 100%

Version 1.2 2018.05.08
Added Inp_SendMail parameter - sending email notifications when a new signal emerges.
Added Inp_SendNotification parameter - sending push notifications when a new signal emerges.
Version 1.1 2018.04.26
Added Inp_Alert parameter - audio alert when signal appears.