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Omega Scalping System Price Power

The indicator calculates the relative strength of a currency pair over a selected period. The indicator includes a built-in dynamic filter for getting a more "smooth" results, which helps to avoid considerable delays, which are typical of filtration based on moving averages, which however is also used.

The initial parameters are set for М15. I recommend using it together with my other Omega indicators.


  • Calculation period 1 - main calculation period (minimum value is 3)
  • Calculation period 2 - additional calculation period (minimum value is 3)
  • Calculation price - price used for calculation
  • Dynamic filter on/off - enable/disable the dynamic filter
  • Dynamic filter period - the period of the dynamic filter
  • Smoothing period - the period of additional smoothing using moving averages
  • Smoothing method - the smoothing method for the moving averages
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