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Bressert Hal Slow

The HAL Slow indicator is the slower of the set of three HAL indicators.

We added a real time cycle count to this indicator based on higher or lower bar movement.

The indicator is set up as a bar graph like the HAL Medium indicator.

The indicator will change from green to red based on if the current bar is higher or lower.

There are two option settings for color change.

1. It will turn green when the current bar is higher, and turn red when the current bar moves lower.

2. It will turn and stay green above the mid level or red below the mid level.


  • Crossover = 0
  • Divbar = 5
  • Buyline = 55
  • SellLine = 55
  • ColorOn True = indicator turns green on upturns and red on downturns
  • Coloron False = indicator only turns green above buy line and red below sell line.
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Version 1.20 - 2016.12.29
Fixed the auto cycle from duplicating when you changed time frames.
Version 1.10 - 2016.12.27
I updated the name, the font sizes of the auto cycles, the width of the line and color of the Green to be brighter.