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High Low Open of the Day

This indicator uses horizontal lines to display the High and Low levels of the previous day on the chart, as well as the Open of the current day. Also, in the upper left corner you can see the spread values, opening time of the current bar, time in New York, Tokyo, London, local time, and the broker time.

It works on all timeframes higher than M1 and smaller than D1.

Advantage of this indicator is that you do not need to constantly switch to daily chart and monitor all those levels, and there is no need to move them every day. This is all implemented in the indicator.

Input parameters

  • tokyo, london, ny - integers, the number of hours to offset the broker time. (For example, if you live in Moscow, the parameters will be as follows: tokio=6, london=-3, ny=-8)
  • colorid - integer (either 0 - white text color, or 1 - black text color)
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