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Break Even Trader

With Break Even Trader placed onto your chart, it will automatically place the stop loss and take profit levels when you open a buy or sell order. And when you are in profit by the amount defined in user settings, it will automatically move your stop loss to that break even level, thereby protecting your trade from a loss.


  • Simple to trade with you just enter your trade it will place the stop loss and take profit as input in user inputs.
  • Sends you an alert when your trade is in profit and has moved stop to the break even level.



  • Stop Loss - Sets the stop loss level.
  • Take Profit - Sets the take profit level.
  • Minimum Profit - Sets how much profit you want before the stop is moved to the break even level.
  • Profit Lock In - Sets how much profit you might want to lock in when stop is moved to lock in the profit you want. EG if set to 0 stop will be moved to the price the trade was opened at. If set to 50 then the stop will be moved when price reaches break even level + 50 pips.


  • Soundfile - We can select the wave file we want to hear for our alarm.
  • Playsound - True the alarm will sound. False the alarm wont sound.
  • Message Box - True a message box will appear when signal occurs. False Message Box wont appear.
  • Send eMail - True it sends an alert as an eMail. False it doesn't send an alert as email.
  • Send To Mobile - True it sends an alert to mobile. False it wont send alert to mobile.
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