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BoM Collection

The BoM Collection currently includes three Expert Advisors - Breath of Market EURUSD (reading the description is recommended), Breath of Market GBPUSD and Breath of Market EURGBP (for technical reasons, a separate version of the latter Expert Advisor can not be published). Simply attach this EA to the chart of the required currency pair, and it will start trading according to the strategy optimal for that pair. No additional settings are required.

Purchasing the BoM Collection now is an advantageous solution for a serious investor for at least two reasons:

  • first, this EA is able to efficiently work on three currency pairs, and its price is significantly lower than the sum of the prices for individual experts included in it;
  • second, by purchasing the BoM Collection, you will be able to receive new experts of the “Breath of Market” series for other currency pairs by simply upgrading the BoM Collection. Creating an Expert Advisor for a single currency pair takes quite a long time (thorough analysis of the price action, optimization of inputs, balancing risks and profit, etc .), but the new experts of the “Breath of Market” series for other currency pairs are planned to be added gradually. Follow the updates.

Input parameters

  • Day Monday (true, false) - trade on Monday
  • Day Tuesday (true, false) - trade on Tuesday
  • Day Wednesday (true, false) - trade on Wednesday
  • Day Thursday (true, false) - trade on Thursday
  • Day Friday (true, false) - trade on Friday
  • TimeOn - time to enable trading on the disabled day
  • TimeOff - time to disable trading on the disabled day
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of simultaneously opened orders;
  • Swap (true, false) - enable/disable considering the swaps in calculation of profit;
  • StopTrade - maximum drawdown reaching which all positions will be closed;
  • Common goal (Fix, Var, Off) - a target for a series of trades in one direction (disabled by default. i.e. no averaging is used):
  • Fix — fixed, in the deposit currency;
  • Var — dynamically, as percentage of the deposit;
  • Off — series not formed, all trades are considered to be single;
  • ExpLot — multiplication factor for trades moving in one direction (default is 1, i.e. no martingale);
  • Autotrade (true, false) - enable/disable automated trading;
  • Handtrade (true, false) - enable/disable manual trading;
  • Step — allowed distance between the price and the signal to open a trade;
  • SpreadLimit — maximum allowed spread for opening trades based on the EA's built-in signals;
  • Auto SL - automatically set the SL
  • SL
  • TP
  • On/Off AutoLot (true, false) - enable/disable automated calculation of initial trades' volumes using the AutoRateLot parameter;
  • AutoCalculation (Balance, Equity) – select initial lot calculation type (balance or equity);
  • AutoRateLot — dynamic calculation of initial trades' volumes;
  • ManualLot — fixed volume of initial trades;
  • MagicNumber - the magic number of the EA.
  • Slip — slippage control.
  • Avoid News (true, false) - enable/disable the function for avoiding news
  • Time before news - time in minutes before the news, when opening new trades is not allowed
  • Time after news - time in minutes after the news, when opening new trades is not allowed
  • Line Style - style of lines that display the news

For the function for avoiding news to work, add the https://www.mql5.com site to the list of allowed URLs (Main Menu -> Tools -> Options, "Expert Advisors" tab)

Important recommendations:

  • use the EA only for the EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP currency pairs;
  • it is recommended to set different values of MagicNumber for charts of different currency pairs;
  • work with ECN brokers, on the accounts with minimal spreads;
  • the default settings are optimal for five-digit quotes; timeframe - 15 minutes.
Pavel Bobrovskiy
2018.05.02 08:05 

дважды слил депозит в результате торговли этого робота с осени 2017 года.

Version 1.7 - 2017.11.24
Major update! The trading is much safer now. Added the ability to automatically avoid news. Simply enable the feature by setting Avoid News => true, then specify the time before and after the news, when the EA is not allowed to make deals. The EA will not open new deals in the dangerous periods, but is will close open deals when appropriate conditions come.
Important: for this function to work, add the MQL5.com site to the list of allowed URLs (Main Menu -> Tools -> Options, "Expert Advisors" tab)
Version 1.6 - 2017.11.01
- Improved the function of disabling trading days. Now, if you turn off any day, if there are open deals, they will close in the turned off day when suitable conditions come.
- Strategies have been optimized.
Version 1.5 - 2017.08.14
Added the EA Breath of Market EURGBP
Version 1.4 - 2017.08.07
Uploaded the right version
Version 1.3 - 2017.08.01
General optimization
Version 1.1 - 2016.12.13
Fixed minor bugs.