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Stable Trend MA

The indicator is based on a single Moving Average of a user-defined period. By analyzing the price movement of the price relative to this MA, and also by tracking all updates of the price Highs and Lows over the same period as the MA period, the indicator draws its own picture of the trend, avoiding the ever-breaking MA lines.

Therefore, if the trend goes up, the line will also point upwards and will not change its direction even on small retracements, allowing to capture almost the entire trend, provided the entry was correct.

It is recommended to close positions not when the line color changes, but when the price touches the line, as a reversal is possible, however, it is up to you. It is also convenient to use it for trailing the breakeven, following the trend.

All indicator parameters can be customized, including the color scheme. If necessary, it is possible to enable the additional display of the Price Channel indicator.

Attention! By default, the trend line is two-colored, if you want to make it monochrome - set Colored MA = One color in the settings.


  • MA Period - period of the analyzed MA.
  • MA Method - plotting method of the analyzed MA.
  • Applied price - prices for plotting the analyzed MA.
  • Show Price Channel - enable/disable the display of the Price Channel.
  • Colored MA two-colored (different up and down colors) or monochrome trend line.
  • MA color 1 - when using the two-colored system (Colored MA) - color for selling, when using the monochrome system - main color.
  • MA color 2 - when using the two-colored system (Colored MA) - color of the trend line for buying, when using the monochrome system - not available.
  • Price Channel color - color of the Price Channel if it is enabled.
  • No trend color - line color is the trend is not clear.
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