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SignalBob indicator shows buy and sell signals using arrows. It works on all timeframes and symbols and never repaints. The indicator searches for trends by analyzing the price and pressure and defining the most efficient market entry points. In order to define a market trend, the indicator applies more than 12 various criteria.


  • Blue arrow - buy.
  • Red arrow - sell.


  • MoGo - indicator averaging period.
  • Buy - buy signal color.
  • Sell - sell signal color.
  • graph - show/hide the indicator logo.
kislofob 2017.01.24 07:25 

Индикатор - убогое г..но. Видео - фэйк. От силы 20% сигналов прибыльные. Автор - мошенник!!!

Janos Kormendi
Janos Kormendi 2017.01.13 09:47 

The indicator doesn't work properly. It seems to be working for a few bars, then it stops giving signals. After refreshing the chart the signals appear, so you have to keep refreshing the chart if you want new signals. For the aforementioned reasons it is impossible to examine the indicator in strategy tester. The indicator doesn't have any alerts. I contacted Mr. Kozak about these problems, but he said I am the only customer who has these errors, and I should try it on another PC. I did so, but nothing is changed. In my opinion the indicator is flawed and it isn't worth any money.