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ML Arrows

The ML Arrows is a leading arrow indicator. It generates simple and clear signals, notifying the trader about the high probability of price reversal and trend continuation on rollbacks.

The signals are generated at the opening of the candles. Once the arrows are generated, they do not flicker, disappear and are not redrawn. The indicator values will be the same both in the tester and on a live chart.

The indicator is suitable for scalping, as well as for long-term traders. It can be used on any currencies and timeframes.

It is only necessary to customize the settings. But it is not difficult, as there are only a few settings:

  • Depth (Calculation depth). Limited to values from 1 to 50000. The higher the parameter value, the greater the history depth for the indicator to perform calculations and the more accurate the signals. But be careful - too high value can cause the terminal to freeze.
  • Sensitivity. The most important parameter that controls the signal frequency. Selected individually to suit you trading style. Frequent signals from the indicator do not necessarily mean decrease in accuracy, although it is recommended to set a higher value during strong trends.
  • Period (Indicator period). Sensitivity at a lower level. The higher the value, the less the Sensitivity parameter reacts to market fluctuations.
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