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FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator

FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) is a tool (indicator) used for automatic determination of channels, the future - the early trends or trends actual - the existing and continuing nature in terms of the regression channel. It is based on the method of Dr. Alan Andrews, who discovered and developed the technique of analysis charts based on the median price - the middle value.

The indicator in contrast to the typical tools available on the platform, developing channels very precisely automatically or semi-automatically, which is a major convenience for supporters of "pitchforks". Additionally, it has a very extensive functionality, which will be further explained. For these methods, was created a number of analysis and trading on the markets, including Forex.

FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) is an indicator that facilitates the determination of the median on the graph automatically or semi-automatically on the basis of local extremes determined by the type indicator ZigZag. The main advantage is a significant acceleration of determining the desired formation in real time present or past using keyboard shortcuts. An additional advantage is the full precision of anchor points as opposed to manual tools, which are subject to error selected points on the graph by the user.

FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) is an indicator, which was created in collaboration with a group of analysts and traders EaFx (www.eaforex.pl).

Input Parametrs

  • ExtDepth – standard ZigZag parameter.
  • ExtDeviation – standard ZigZag parameter.
  • ExtBackstep – standard ZigZag parameter.
  • ExtBars – custom ZigZag parameter (how many candles to draw ZigZag - can offload rate and speed calculations if there is a large amount of historical data - lots of candles).
  • Pitchfork1 – main "forks".
  • Pitchfork2 – historic "fork" (shift formation of one extreme backward), enables or disables the previous formation of the keyboard shortcut G / H (ghost / hide).
  • WarningLines – additional arms fork, 0 = no, 1 = extra pair on each side (possibility to add 15 pairs - limit).
  • LiveRedraw - change the designation of the auto-refresh for new candles on manually (by default TRUE = on), accessible via keyboard shortcut L / M (live / manual).
  • Timing1 – automatic tool Fibo Time cyclically determined from points A and B continue to set the value from 0 - 15, 0 = disabled, keyboard shortcuts U / I.
  • Timing2 – automatic tool Fibo Time cyclically determined from points B and C on to set the value from 0 - 15, 0 = disabled, keyboard shortcuts O / P.
  • Obj_Trigers – trend lines run from point A to B and A to C.
  • Obj_Pivots – horizontal lines driven by the price of A, B, C, and "gold" by means of B and C.
  • Obj_Label – numerical values deducted from the current price to the points A, B, C, and "gold" means B and C.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Mode | n-Pitchfork Normal t-Pitchfork T j-Pitchfork JeromeSchiff
  • LiveRedraw | l-ON/auto m-OFF/manual b-REFRESH/REDRAW BY BUTTON b
  • Point A | a-LEFT s-RIGHT d-RESET A
  • Point B | q-LEFT w-RIGHT e-RESET B
  • Point C | z-LEFT x-RIGHT c-RESET C
  • Points ABC | v-LEFT f-RIGHT r-RESET ABC Points
  • Timing1 (A-B) | u-OFF/decrase i-ON/incrase
  • Timing2 (B-C) | o-OFF/decrase p-ON/incrase
  • WarningLines | [-OFF/decrase ]-ON/incrase
  • Pitchfork2 | g-ON h-OFF
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