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Pairs Trade Exec

The Pairs Trade Exec EA is the execution module for the Pairs Trade and Pairs Trade Demo indicators. It performs the commands for opening/closing trade orders incoming from the indicators.


The Pairs Trade Exec indicator is used only in conjunction with the Pairs Trade or Pairs Trade Demo indicator. Start it in the same window, where the indicator is running. Make sure the EA is allowed to trade, and automatic trading with EAs is allowed in the terminal settings. Depending on the broker, it may be necessary to select the value of slippage when opening/closing orders. The execution results of the trade operations are displayed in a pop-up alert window.

Input parameters

  • Slippage, pips - slippage value in points.
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Version 1.1 2017.04.27
- Updated algorithm processing commands from the PairsTrade v1.1 indicator
- Added check whether the PairsTrade indicator is running