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AMD Trend Risk Reward Free

AMD Trend Risk Reward Free is an indicator which belongs to the group of trend indicators. It provides the possibility to take the correct decisions about timely market entrances or exits. Trend horizontal can cause a lot of headaches to the traders and can be the reason of money loss. By automatic optimizing the settings of our AMD Trend Risk Reward Free indicator you can avoid most of them and save your money. How to choose the best chart? Press the button [O] on the chart. Indicator automatically optimizes time frame M15, M30, H1 ,H4 and D1.

AMD Trend Risk Reward Free works only on USDCAD currency pair. The full version of the product has no limitations.

Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18849


  • Very simple
  • Never repaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Automatic Optimization
  • The current trend is not taken into account
  • The main trend in the form of a background (see button[?] on chart)
  • Automatic management of multiple indicators in terms of optimization and use of computer resources

Button On Chart

  • Button[C]: enable/disable the fixed scale mode.
  • Button[D]: indicator delete.
  • Button[1]: method of estimating trends.
  • Button[R]: reset.
  • Button[S]: size snake.
  • Button[M]: money management.
  • Button[O]: start optimization from M15 to D1.
  • Button[?]: help.

Input Parameters

  • ID: chart ID
  • Number of the analyzed bars [Nbars on chart]: e.g. 480 bars H1 = 20 days
  • AMD Trend Period: manual optimization (3,4,5,..28)
  • Show Take Profit: true/false.
  • Automatic Optimization: true/false
  • Start Optimization: the local time of a computer, where the client terminal is running.
  • Alert: sound alert on chart
  • Push Notifications: Send notification on a mobile phone
  • Email: Send alert via e-mail
  • Size information on chart: true/false.
  • Vertical line: true/false
  • Profit 1 in pips: enter the value of profit in pips (see screenshot)
  • Profit 2 in pips: enter the value of profit in pips
  • Profit 3 in pips: enter the value of profit in pips
  • Profit 4 in pips: enter the value of profit in pips
  • Profit 5 in pips: enter the value of profit in pips
  • Size digits on chart: only red and green digits
  • Color Trend [background]: default yellow.
  • Sound file (Start Optimization) - Record your own sound effects for indicator
  • Sound file (End Optimization) - Record your own sound effects for indicator

Automatic Optimization

  • Start Automatic Optimization:
    • Automatic Optimization = true (first start)
    • Start Optimization = Time Local (sound "wait.wav")
    • Change Time Frame
    • Button [O] on chart
  • Automatic Optimization doesn't work in strategy tester.
2017.01.25 13:43 

После обновления стал перисовыватся. Депозит пострадал.

Gennadiy Voltornist
2016.12.30 21:42 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 3.40 - 2017.01.23
Сode optimization.
Full compliance with four-digit brokers.
Version 3.30 - 2016.12.30
Fixed some minor bugs.
- trend
- trend(big snake)
- optimization
- filter OVB
- a lot of small things
- button [1]
- Size information on chart
- Vertical line
Version 3.10 - 2016.12.19
- Push Notifications (current information): indicator gives exact distance to the line reversal.
The information sent on the close of the candle.
- Use ATR: true/false.
- Last: The last pips will display on the chart. Press button [M] and you will see the latest MM.
Press a computer mouse button twice in quick succession to delete.
- Button[F]: filtering of trend based on the Overbalance.
- AMD control.csv: using the defined command types you can create commands in csv file.
- Detector Consolidation: minimum number of bars in consolidation.