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Original Turtle Rules Trader

Original Turtle Rules Trader Expert Advisor implements the "Turtle Trading" system described in The Original Turtle Trading Rules.

Famous "Turtle Traders" were the participants of the experimental group gathered together by Chicago Mercantile Exchange traders Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt in order to prove that any human can become a trader after spending a certain amount of effort.

According to the description given in the book, the "Turtle Trader" system consists of the following components:

  • Selecting the size of a trading position depending on the current market volatility.
  • Entering the market after the fast or slow Donchian channel breakout.
  • Skipping the second signal following the first successful breakout.
  • Adding new positions.
  • Placing and moving stop orders.
  • Exiting positions.

In full compliance with the description:

  • the system automatically tracks the current market volatility and calculates the optimal trading lot - unit;
  • the algorithm visualizes three Donchian channels on the chart: System 1 and System 2 channels, as well as the fast channel for exiting a position;
  • the EA skips the channel breakout (regardless of its outcome) if a successful trading signal was implemented before that;
  • the algorithm tracks a trade, closes a position after the fast channel breakout or adds positions after specified volatility intervals;
  • the EA sets and moves stops.

Instead of closing trades after the fast channel breakout, the algorithm can use the Parabolic SAR system or simply set a take profit.

Algorithm and setup

The system applies three Donchian channels built by Highs of the last 10, 20 and 55 days accordingly.

The first channel (10 days) is used for closing previously opened positions and canceling the trade skipping mode. The second channel (20 days) is used as a main signal system - System 1. The third channel (55 days) is an auxiliary opening system - System 2. The auxiliary system is necessary for opening trades when the trade skipping mode is in effect. The Turtle system requires skipping every second trading signal received as a result of the 20-day channel breakout, regardless of whether a trader was profitable after entering the market according to the first signal.

Average True Range value is used to select stop orders, trading lot size and moments for adding positions.

The following parameters are used for configuring the system

  • Parameter Value
  • Donchian channel for exit breakout 10
  • Donchian channel for System-1 breakout 20
  • Donchian channel for System-2 breakout 55
  • Max. deposit share at risk in one trade 1% (0.01)
  • Max. amount of "Units" per symbol 4
  • Adding interval (times ATR) 1 - distance between an Open price and a price, at which a position is added (multiple of ATR)
  • Stop loss (times ATR) 1 - distance between an Open price and a stop order (multiple of ATR)
  • Take profit (times ATR) 1 - distance between an Open price and a take profit (multiple of ATR)
  • Allowable trade slippage 3 - maximum allowed slippage (in points)

---------------------SAR Parameters---------------------------------------

  • Use SAR-system to trail SL FALSE - use SAR for trailing stop orders
  • SAR system step 0.02 - SAR step increment ratio
  • SAR system cap 0.2 - maximum SAR step increment ratio
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