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This robot uses a unique algorithm that monitors and evaluates the situation in the market, its speed and power. At the appropriate time placing pending orders, which further adjusts and moves to a more favorable price. It uses advanced money management system with tight TrailingSL and other functions. This EA is successful on all time frames and many markets.

It is recommended a fast ECN broker with minimal fees and precise quotations on tenth of pips (points).


  • Distance - distance pending orders in points
  • Power-X - the required power of market
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable size of spread
  • Lot - the volume of trade in lots
  • Risk % - automatic calculation Lot by size of SL
  • TP – TakeProfit
  • SL – StopLoss
  • SL on BE - trade insure against loss when this profit in points
  • TrailingSL - moving SL in this distance behind price
  • TrailingSL_Step - moving SL in this step
  • TextSide - position of the information panel in the chart
  • Magic - the identification number of trades
  • comment - a comment to trades
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