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Breath of Market GBPUSD

The behavior of GBPUSD price on the market has already been thoroughly examined, analyzed and managed. Breath of Market GBPUSD Expert Advisor has been developed for GBPUSD.

Similar to Breath of Market EURUSD, the robot enters the market efficiently and is consistent in different market conditions. In test mode, the EA has successfully overcome the year of 2015 and almost all of 2016. Currently, it continues its work on a live account. It trades carefully, performing 12-15 trades per month depending on market conditions, and can hold a position 5 minutes to several days.

The market is breathing. The EA features a unique method for defining GBPUSD market's breathing in and out, based on which Breath of Market GBPUSD catches 10 to 200 standard points applying profit trailing. This strategy works well and can produce stable results with a small drawdown and moderate risk. So it can be interesting for serious investors, signal providers and PAMM managers.

EA development is constantly going on. I try to improve its strategies to increase profitability and reduce drawdown, that is why it is highly recommended to follow the product updates.

It is recommended to choose ECN brokers and accounts with minimum spread.

Default settings are optimal for GBPUSD. Timeframe - M15.


  • MaxOrders - maximum number of simultaneously opened orders;
  • Swap (true, false) - enable/disable swap accounting when calculating profit;
  • StopTrade - maximum drawdown, at which all positions are closed;
  • Goal - target for a single trade in points (virtual Take Profit);
  • Distanse - minimum distance to open a trade in the same direction at a signal if the price moves in the unprofitable direction;
  • Minimal goal - minimum target for a single trade, with which the trade is closed with closing of the current bar, if it has not taken Goal before;
  • Common goal (Fix, Var, Off) - target for a series of trades in one direction (disabled by default, i.e. no averaging is used):
  • Fix - fixed, in the deposit currency;
  • Var - dynamically, as percentage of the deposit;
  • Off - series not formed, all trades are considered to be single;
  • ExpLot - multiplication factor for trades moving in one direction (default is 1, i.e. no martingale);
  • Autotrade (true, false) - enable/disable automated trading;
  • Handtrade (true, false) - enable/disable manual trading;
  • Step - allowed distance between the price and the signal to open a trade;
  • SpreadLimit - maximum allowed spread for opening trades based on the EA's built-in signals;
  • Auto SL - auto placement of SL
  • SL
  • TP
  • Length of Breakeven - breakeven value; 0 - disabled;
  • Breakeven - number of guaranteed profit points locked by SL;
  • Step of Trailing - trailing step - number of profit points required to trail SL;
  • On/Off AutoLot (true, false) - enable/disable automated calculation of initial trades' volumes using the AutoRateLot parameter;
  • AutoCalculation (Balance, Equity) – select initial lot calculation type (balance or equity);
  • AutoRateLot — dynamic calculation of initial trades' volumes;
  • ManualLot — fixed volume of initial trades;
  • MagicNumber - magic number of the EA.
  • Slip — slippage control.

Breath of Market GBPUSD can also work on other currency pairs, but with weaker efficiency, since price behavior may differ. There is a different "market breath" on other symbols.

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Version 1.1 - 2016.12.15
Fixed minor bugs.