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BookMap HeatMap

This Indicator, create a heatmap based on depth of market.

Please use with M1 timeframe since market move fast, the number of levels in depth of market is important too, a low liquidity stock sometimes isn't good to use, with a mid/high (blue chips) liquidity is better to see what's happenning

It's very important to read order flow and book dynamic, can be used with any market (Forex/CFD/etc)

The input options are automatic, you can tune but it's plug and play, Heatmap don't recover historical data, only current (online data), you can understand what HFT did and what values are support and resistance easily, using it with Volume At Price should be the best solution to scalper traders

Indicator parameters

  • inputMaxVolume - Max volume for each price of DOM
  • calcMode - Display the last value of DOM or the Max Value for each price
  • calcularOnTimer - Show each second or onBookEvent a new DOM Picture
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