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AkenATR Fifteen

AkenATR-Fifteen is for Binary Options trading with 15 minutes Timeframe.

AkenATR-Fifteen is closely linked to Akensecutive-Fifteen (that you may buy in MQL5's Market); the traditional ATR (Average True Range) indicator has been modified and adapted to Akensecutive-Fifteen features. Like ATR, it measures market Volatility, reflecting the degree of interest or disinterest in a move.

On AkenATR-Fifteen version, period is set to 3 by default and the display value has been corrected in order to use it with Akensecutive-Fifteen's values.

AkenATR-Fifteen also works with AkenMFI, a precious oscillator you may download in MQL5 Market for free.

They all work together to provide a large numbers of alerts and signals to help to achieve many winning trades.

AkenATR-Fifteen is very similar to AkenATR-Five: the difference is the "Low Volatility" message on graph-screen.

You must use AkenATR-Fifteen on 15 minutes charts whileAkenATR-Five must be used only on 5 minutes charts. To learn more about AkenATR-Fifteen's job we suggest to visit akensecutive.com page and download its manual for free.


  • ATR Period: 3 is the default setting; we beg you to leave it how it is, because the algorithm works at its best with it.
  • Enable_Alerts: it enables all the alerts if you set "True".
  • Enable_Email_Alerts: after setting your email parameters on MetaTrader, if True, you may receive alerts on your mail address.
  • Enable_Mobile_Alerts: after setting your mobile parameters on MetaTrader, if True, you may receive alerts on your smartphone.
  • AlertOnceperCandle: when a candle achieves Candle Target value (of Akensecutive-Fifteen) or Low Volatility, it generates an alert. But, during 15 minutes, these levels may be reached many times so the alerts may appears more than one occasion; with "True" option this problem is bypassed and the alert sounds once, during the 15 minutes.
  • Display_Settings: it’s possible to set the exact coordinates where to show the "Low Volatility" message on your graphs; x_coord set it horizontally and y_coord set it vertically.
  • font_size: to set the preferred size if the font you chose.
  • display: if True, you may see the screen message. (Low Volatility)
  • font_name: you can write the name of the font you wish. The fonts you may use are the same that you've installed in "folder fonts" of your OS.
  • text_color: here you may choose the color of the message.
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Version 2.0 - 2017.01.31
Compared to previous version, AkenATR Fifteen 2.0, includes a new powerful algorithm in synchronous with Market's movement.