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Macan EA

Macan EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on breakout Moving Averages Channel which is the MA uses different algorithm calculations than usual, so it perform a unique strategy that surpasses 10 years 99.9% modelling quality backtest with good result.

This EA is recommended to use on M5 chart and 5 digit quotes. And for volatile currency pairs since it trades on breakout.


  • Expert Name - Expert name and trades comment.
  • Magic Number - Expert identification number to identify trades.
  • Lot Size - Lot used if auto lot size is false.
  • Activate Auto Lot Size - True if you want to activate auto lot calculation.
  • Risk (%) - Risk is based on account free margin.
  • Take Profit - Take Profit.
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss.
  • Breakeven - Breakeven
  • Trailing Start - Distance to trigger trailing.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • Max Spread Allowed - Allowed Maximum Spread to trade.


  • Volatile currency pairs.
  • M5 Chart.
  • Low spread.
  • Low stop level.
  • Low commissions.
  • Account leverage at least 1:500
  • 5-digit quotes.
  • 24/7 VPS hosting with low latency.
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