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Akensecutive Fifteen

Akensecutive-Fifteen is one of the best flexible and awesome indicators for binary options; a user-friendly indicator for M15 timeframe; it gives very good results in trading currency pairs.

On your MetaTrader charts, it produces graphic signals that are not repainted and do not delay.

The Akensecutive’s goal is to predict if the next candle closes bullish or bearish.

The purpose of this indicator is to provide a large number of signals and help both budding and professional traders to achieve the largest number of winning trades with the help of the two free indicators:

  • AkenATR-Fifteen
  • AkenMFI

You may download them for free at MQL5’s Market.

Akensecutive-Fifteen, with a sophisticated mathematical algorithm, is able to predict sudden changes of the price direction regardless of a strong trend phase, a retracement, a market sideways, a trend reversal, a particular pattern or other doctrinal configuration of the chart.

The algorithm automatically adjusts to every single currency pair.

With this indicator, it should be superfluous to know the basis of technical and fundamental analysis of trading, even if we strongly assert that the knowledge of them is absolutely essential for every trader’s professional career.

The purpose of Akensecutive-Fifteen is precisely to understand at what point the price will reverse, just after the closing of the previous candle. This is not the classic "trend reversal indicator" but the only one that is able to capture a sudden reversal price at any point of the chart, at any time of a trading day.

With Akensecutive-Fifteen, on your binary options chart, you may see permanently five rows of words:

  1. Candle Target. The core of the system; it represents a value that a candle must achieve to become remarkable. If a candle, during its closing (when the price closes), will grab that target, immediately a circle appears below or above that candle.
  2. Direction. Direction of a current price: up or down.
  3. Current Score is the value in pips of the current candle.
  4. Consec Candles is the number of consecutive candles of the same type: bullish candles or bearish candles.
  5. Special Number. If two or more candles reach this value, you will receive a very important alert. The significance is tied to how many consecutive candles reach the Special Number.

Akensecutive-Fifteen generates a large number of alerts in cooperation with AkenATR-Fifteen and AkenMFI.

The combination of these warnings may be collected in a list of different score, depending on their importance: the bigger the better.


You may configure Akensecutive-Fifteen's parameters as you like, but we suggest to mantain the default's settings.

  • Consec_Candles-for_Alert: number of consecutive candles of the same kind that you set to receive an alert.
  • Enable_Consec_Candles_Alert: if True, you receive a only one alert for every candle; False you may receive many alerts during the same candle.
  • Enable_CandleTarget_Notifications: if True, sends the alert “D O T” when a candle achieves the Candel Target value.
  • Notifications_Update_Minutes: if you enable email and mobile parameters on MetaTrader, you may change the amount of time (in minutes), in which you would like to receive notifications.
  • signal size: size of graphic symbols (circles); the higher the better, to see them on display.
  • signal_pips_distance: distance from circle symbol to the candle below or upon it. It is useful to have a better view.
  • Show comments: display any comments on your charts (Candle Target, Consec Candles, Direction...).
  • Corner: corner, in which you prefer to see the comments: 1 for the top right; 4 for the top left; 2 for the lower left and 3 for the lower right.
  • TopGap: distance of comments from top or bottom of the chart.
  • Offset: distance of comments from the left or the right side of the chart.
  • dy: row spacing of the comments.
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Version 2.0 - 2017.02.10
Compared to previous version, Akensecutive Fifteen 2.0, includes a new powerful algorithm in synchronous with Market's movement.