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Volatility Indicator with a Rank

  • Broadcast in two languages is available - English and Russian.
  • It works with 30 pairs (7 major, their crosses and metals). It is shown in a table, where the first line is the most volatile pair at the time of measurement, the second - the second, etc. It shows first seven positions out of 30.
  • Can be used on any pair with any broker with standard tickers (EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.).
  • Two methods of measurement: Percentage and in figures. Measuring range is adjusted by changing the number of bars.
  • In indicator includes a system of trade recommendations based on a unique methodology of analyzing a day timeframe. It can be used for information if needed. Depending on the recommendation, the value of volatility measurements are painted according to the recommendations: Buy - green, Sell - red, neutral - yellow.


The indicator can be used for finding and selecting the most volatile pairs to trade on strong market movements (breakthrough, trend trading).


  • Languages: 0 - English, 1 - Russian;
  • RightSidePanel - location: false - the panel is on the right, true - the panel is on the left;
  • N - the number of bars to measure;
  • R - the method of measurement: 0 - in figures, 1 - percentage.

If a currency pair cannot be added to the Market Watch (located on the left in the terminal), the corresponding value for the pair (А5 section) must be set to zero (turned off).

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