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TWT Professional indicator

We are proud to finally offer our private algorithm to the public, as an all in one standalone indicator.

The combination and evolution of 30 years experience, this indicator is a representation of our backbone trading strategy.

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The indicator utilities only our own formulas, and does not rely on extra indicators to make its evaluation.

The indication is simple - recommendations are placed on the chart.

Not recommended for time frames lower than 15 minute, although good results have been seen.

This formula even works on exotics, metals, Indices and futures.

As the formula itself is highly valued, its specifics are not available, however the indicator utilizes our own MACD style indication as a basis for the signals. We combine this value with a series of price fluctuation weights, to estimate a date / time of reversal. If the trend begins to reverse within this period, a signal is added.


  • Force Alternate Arrows - Enabling this option will only allow opposing signals to be drawn. (Up, Down, Up, Down)
  • Delay - When indications are favorable, use this value to smooth false signals. (Range 5 - to 150 pips)
  • Audible alarm - Enable audible alarm if signals are produced within 4 bars of current time.

Please note - no tuning is needed, however these inputs will allow users to utilize the indicator on charts other than its target area.

Use in custom EA's

For the coders out there, this can be incorporated into your own EA's by checking Buffer 1 and Buffer 2 for signals other than EMPTY_VALUE

Disclaimer: This is an INDICATOR ONLY. Under no circumstances is illimita pty ltd responsible for losses suffered by you, the end user, as a result of this product. This product is provided as a tool only.

amfels07 2017.04.11 05:58 

Great indicator!! Great work sir

da_lan_izz 2016.09.30 14:54 

Gives Early signals :)

Version 3.0 2016.10.11
* At customers request an audible alarm has been added

* User can now control the delay level - which provides more signals at greater risk.


Force Alternate Arrows - Use this input to only allow opposing signals to be drawn.

Delay - When the indicator senses a correct event, it delays this amount of pips in the right direction before creating the signal. Useful values range between 5 and 120.

Audible alarm - Enable audible alarms if signals are produce in the last 4 bars.