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YD Divergence

Divergence in trading means the divergence between the price and the indicator values.

The indicator is designed to search for the classic and hidden divergences. All calculations are filtered in order to eliminate most of false signals. Divergence allows to accurately enter the market at the peak.

Uses the standard OsMA indicator for calculation. The channel width parameter allows expanding its values in order to increase the number of signals which are then filtered.

The indicator is not a ready-to-use trading system.

The hidden divergence may serve as a confirmation of trend continuation.

A regular divergence indicates price reversal.


  • channel width - channel width
  • Refresh 0 bar - redraw the zero bar (does not affect calculation)
  • show all divers - comparing all peaks in the max_bars range or sequentially
  • fast ema period
  • slow ema period
  • signal period
  • max bars - the maximum number of bars for the indicator calculation
  • min bars - the minimum number of bars for the indicator calculation
  • sell buy level - signals below this level should be ignored
  • use ma filter - filter of signals by a moving average
  • ma period
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