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Dynamic Grid fx

When trading the first decision you make is what direction are you trading. Dynamic Grid fx is a visual chart aid that allows you to quickly make that decision.

  • Look for long trades in the blue grid
  • Look for short trades in the red grid

Grid traders can use the grid for multiple points of entry and exit or you can use the Dynamic Grid with your favorite entry and exit indicators such as:

  • Stochastic crossovers
  • MACD
  • Heiken Ashi
  • Renko

With the Dynamic Grid fx you set the spacing of your grid to the pip spread of your choice to meet your trading objectives.


  • Grid Start - Default = 2.5. Set to your preference. This value will be 1/2 the value of your Grid Spacing (Example: Grid Spacing = 10, Grid Start = 5)
  • Grid Spacing - Default = 5. Set to your preference. (10 pips, 20, 50, 100 pips, whatever your objectives are)
  • Bars Count - Default = 1000.
  • MA Period - Default = 50. Set to your preference
  • MA Method - Default = Simple. Set to your preference
  • MA Price - Default = Close Price. Set to your preference
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