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RunwiseFX Panel plus Configurable Automation DEMO

The product combines a manual trade panel with the ability to perform actions automatically in a highly configurable way. Actions include capturing indicator values and then based on those values raising alerts, open/close or partially close trades, scale-in, setting up pending orders, adjusting stop loss, take profit and more. On-chart controls can be configured, such as tick boxes and buttons, so can be fully interactive. The EA also handles money management, news events, hidden stop loss, take profit, pending orders, trailing stop loss, trade logging, etc. Multiple accounts are also supported.

This is a demo version - works on CADCHF currency pair only

Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18164


  • Automates trading rules, read from a text file - we are happy to help you put this file together
  • Rules can perform a variety actions including alerting, opening/closing trades, setting pending orders, adjusting stop loss, take profit, push notifications, taking screenshots and more
  • Rules can be based on custom indicator values, on multiple timeframes, plus a variety of other information from MetaTrader, e.g. price action
  • Rules can be interactive with on-chart controls, e.g. tick box to enable/disable rule, text/selection box to input values, buttons to perform set action on click
  • Fully compatible with the strategy tester and optimizer - use it to optimize your strategy, auto trying different values for key items
  • Lot size calculation - based on % of account to risk or fixed amount
  • Can be used in manual mode with one-click trading, semi-automatic, or fully automatic
  • News events and taking action on news events
  • Hidden (stealth) stop loss, take profit and pending orders
  • Stop loss, take profit and pending lines can be positioned manually on the chart
  • Hidden pending lines can be set to alert or open a trade and based on candle close price, can be set with expiry
  • Automatic stop loss - using either our own professional grade indicator or other optional methods
  • Automatic take profit based on risk reward ratios
  • Trailing stop loss, which can be triggered when target profit reached
  • Sets broker stop loss / take profit but further away than hidden/actual
  • Scale in and out of trades, plus automatic scale-in when price reached
  • Set trading hours
  • Robust error handling, checking spread, etc., required for live accounts
  • Logs order execution time, slippage and profit, in a spreadsheet compatible CSV file
  • Supports hedging (for retail hedging account types) and FIFO rule
  • Automatic screenshots when trades are opened (optional)
  • Includes indicators providing multiple timeframe trend, support, resistance, pivots, average daily range (or average true range - configurable), current spread and ask/bid prices in large text, color coded as price changes
  • Includes supplied rules for trend based entry/exit, stop loss reverse, close all trades button
  • Growing library of ready-made rules that can downloaded direct from EA, e.g. rule to auto close trade just before high impact news event
  • Multiple accounts are supported - where actions on a master account can be replicated to one or more slave accounts


Please see the video and screenshots below, plus the link to manual placed in the Comments tab for the product.

Note, when using the strategy tester, a test needs to be running at least at normal market speed for the buttons and tick boxes to work. Alerts are shown in the Journal tab. A limitation of the strategy tester is that weekly and monthly pivot lines cannot be calculated/shown.

Our Other Products

The MetaTrader 4 version of this product is called the Configurable Strategy Automator - link with reviews: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/9602

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 08:01 

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AirOne1 2018.10.10 12:56 

I have bought the FULL version from runwise fx website. Privileged unlimited downloads, can use in both MT4 AND MT5.

The best product in store.

Mia7 2018.10.04 02:04 


Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.27 12:26 

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Nork 2017.07.21 15:28 

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Version 7.9 2019.07.01
- Added new capture mode of OnCross to better handle indicators crossing lines
Version 7.7 2019.04.24
- Fixed issue with entry on less than 100% not working
Version 7.1 2019.03.29
- Updated to allow indicators to be added via CONFIG | Indicator Values to Capture
Version 6.94 2018.11.17
- Fixed issue where trade could be opened on configuration change even though not fresh move
Version 6.93 2018.10.18
- Substantially improved performance, especially on charts with lots of objects. This was achieved by removing a call to ObjectFind() that was happening every tick.
Version 6.92 2018.09.29
- Fixed issue with configured trade comment not being used

- Allowed trading of multiple timeframes without having to apply separate chart templates
Version 6.90 2018.06.26
- Fixed array index out of bounds error that could occur under certain circumstances

- Fixed auto screenshot on trade close that sometimes didn't save

- Improved compatibility with MetaTrader's chart shift when drawing labels on price lines
Version 6.9 2018.06.11
- Improved compatibility with indicators that display rectangle objects
Version 6.8 2018.03.20
- Fixed compatibility issue with 'fixed risk' brokers that require stop loss to be set with Order Send
Version 6.5 2017.11.20
- Improved support for symbols other than currency pairs
Version 6.4 2017.10.18
- Fixed issue with latest release where panel wasn't be rendered correctly for some users.
Version 6.3 2017.10.04
- Improved support for offline/Renko charts

- Improved broker compatibility

- Fixed issue with EA could stop responding in rare instances

- Added automatic re-read of configuration file when file date changed
Version 5.97 2017.05.03
- Added ability to turn pending expiry on/off

- Added dashed vertical line for pending order expiry, if set

- Added ability to control 'one cancels other' on pending orders from panel

- Added time capability when specifying shift setting for indicators to capture

- Can now set timeframe for ATR stop loss calculation method

- Can now set to take screenshot on trade close via EA input Main_screenShotOnAutoClose

- Added support for scale-in with specific lots rather than percentage

- Added MathPrct function
Version 5.8 2017.03.14
- Allowed TP line to be shown on chart if SL Mode off provided trade without stop loss allowed is set

- Amended pips comment on take profit price line to be based on pending price if pending order has been set

- Added support for our new Indicator Combine product in Market
Version 5.6 2017.02.27
- Fixed divide by zero error on M20 chart period

- Fixed issue with the panel not always updating selection list values
Version 5.3 2017.02.21
- Added support for different broker symbol naming conventions when in multi account mode

- If set for break even when trade is not in profit then will close when reaches break even

- Fixed issue when strategy testing
Version 1.7 2016.12.23
- Fixed risk reward calculation not allowing for spread

- Fixed exit when in multi-trade mode

- Fixed issue with reported spread not showing

- Fixed divide by zero if account balance is zero, e.g. unfunded live account

- Fixed issue with multi-account mode where lots was incorrectly being sent to slaves
Version 1.4 2016.10.31
- Fixed issue with buttons not working when strategy testing

- Fixed issue with reported spread not showing

- Fixed divide by zero if account balance is zero, e.g. unfunded live account

- Fixed issue with multi-account mode where lots was incorrectly being sent to slaves