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AwesomeBilly is a leading multi-timeframe indicator, which shows future price movement on current and higher timeframe. It analyzes channels, Elliott waves and Fibonacci levels. The best results are achieved on timeframes Н1, D1, W1 and MN. Works on any financial instrument. Does not require additional setting and optimization. Very easy to use.

Indicator Parameters

  • Channel Color - select color for the channel
  • Wave Color - select color for Elliott waves
  • Color Channel TF - the color of the channel on the higher timeframe
  • Color Wave TF - the color of the wave on the higher timeframe
Olverforex 2018.04.21 19:54 

Not impressed - and I have actually gotten to the point where I have deleted it from my charts. I tried it on several time frames.

I send the developer a message to which he has not responded. I am so glad that I only rented this product and did not waste my money by paying the full price for it.

Version 2.0 2017.03.22
Added link to developer's website