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XCalper CandleTimer MT4

This auxiliary indicator displays time left before closing on the current timeframe with continuous update.

It also shows the last trade price and variation from a previous day close in percentage and points.

This indicator is pretty handy for daytraders and scalpers who want to precisely monitor closing and opening of candles.

Indicator parameters

  • Show in shifted end - Default: False. Display time and values on screen. If True, Displays only time to close aside last candle.
  • Distance from the right margin - Default: 40. Distance, in pixels, from right margin for on screen information.
  • Color of the label - Default: Yellow. Color of time counter.
  • Font family of the label - Default: Arial. Font family of time counter.
  • Size of the label font - Default: 10. Font size of the time counter.
Maycon Oliveira
2017.08.03 19:37 

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Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.05.26 20:59 

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Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 07:08 

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Version 1.30 - 2016.09.06
Improvements in version 1.30:
- Fixed counter freezing when there is no tick in a new bar yet.