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Mint Binary Indicator

Highly efficient indicator for binary options - MINT.

Designed for use with the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Recommended timeframe is M5, expiration - from 1 to 3 candles.

The indicator features sound and visual notification, preliminary signal and market entry signal. The indicator also sends notifications via e-mail.

The indicator analyzed the current state of the market based on 15 parameters and generates the market entry signals after it compares all these parameters with each other based on a certain algorithm.

The indicator has two types of signals. The first is a white/light blue arrow (sell/buy) for opening a deal, the second one is a large yellow arrow. These signals work based on different algorithms and are equal in strength.

The MINT indicator also features a preliminary signal on the current candle in the form of a star. The preliminary signal generates a notification on the current candle. After that it is necessary to wait for the candle to close and open a trade in a given direction. If the preliminary signal (star) disappears, the main signal will not appear as well. When this happens, it is not recommended to open trades, as the current entry conditions had changed.

Indicator Parameters

  • AlertsMessage - Text message about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • AlertsSound - Sound alert about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • AlertsEmail - Email notification about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • SignalBar - Number of the signal candle. This parameter is set to 0 by default. This means that the signal will come at the current candle, this parameter cannot be changed!
sorosuub 2017.11.09 16:51 

Very bad result a lot of Otm! Sometimes i've take eight consecutive Otm! You can see in the Comment my screenshot.

stefanocandido 2017.09.22 08:35 

I had version 1.5 of this indicator and it really gave me good results, so I decided to buy the latest version 1.7

Version 1.72 2017.02.16
Improved signal accuracy
Version 1.71 2016.11.24
improved algorithm, improved signal accuracy
Version 1.7 2016.11.04
Improved the main algorithm of the program, removed the additional algorithm (yellow arrow), added the ability to send push-notifications (alerts to mobile device)