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The Gm Duo MIDL LONG indicator is based on averaging of two stochastics with checking according to the principles of the Awesome. The parameters of stochastics can be adjusted. Short and long period.

There is a limitation on noise and weak movements. Lim parameter.

The indicator displays the trend direction, marking its beginning with a vertical line. At the same time it reports that using the Alert function with a sound, and can an E-mail with the message.

There are also pointer-arrows of the corresponding color, which show the possible direction of the trade.

Indicator Parameters

  • LineOnOff - enable/disable vertical lines on the chart;
  • AlertOnOff - enable/disable alerts on change of direction;
  • MailOnOff - enable/disable sending email messages along with the alerts;
  • Dist - the distance in bars to calculate the MaxHigh and MinLow, which will be displayed by arrows;
  • Lim - parameter for limiting noises and weak movements;
  • St1K - K period of the first stochastic;
  • St1D - D period of the first stochastic;
  • St1Sl - Slowing period of the first stochastic;
  • St2K - K period of the second stochastic;
  • St2D - D period of the second stochastic;
  • St2Sl - Slowing period of the second stochastic;
  • СoefCorr - histogram scaling coefficient.

The default settings are configured for EURUSD H1.

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