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Pattern Alert

Did you ever miss a reversal signal because you was not sitting in front of your screen?

Pattern Alert indicator is useful if you want to scan multiple charts for specific candlestick patterns without sitting in front of the screen all the time. It detects your manually drawn support and resistance zones on the chart and sends out an alert on your screen and to your smartphone (MT4 mobile station required). It works on all timeframes and you can adapt the zones to your individual needs (e.g. lower ranges on lower timeframes).

The new version uses rectangles as zones, so that you can set up a zone where you expect the market to form a reversal signal.


  • Price action trading
  • Swing trading
  • Trend trading
  • and many other trading styles


  • Detects support and resistance zones drawn by the trader on the chart
  • Checks for any changes on every tick, so it is easy to use if market conditions change
  • Sends out a smartphone notification plus a MetaTrader alert on your screen including symbol, timeframe and the type of pattern it detected
  • Supports you and your trading on every timeframe from one minute to one month per candle

Used variables

  • Resistance: defines the color for your resistance zone
  • Support: defines the color for your support zone
  • Show_Levels: turn on to show the support and resistance levels used by the indicator

How to set up the indicator

  1. Pull the indicator to your chart
  2. Select the colors you want to use for support and resistance zone
  3. Draw one support and one resistance zone using the predefined colors
  4. Wait for a smartphone notification if a candlestick pattern forms within your predefined zones

Supported candlestick patterns

  • Engulfing candle
  • Rejection candle
  • Inside bar
  • ... if you want to see more patterns, just tell me in the Comment section
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Version 2.2 - 2016.10.06
Cleaned up the source code (usage and declaration of variables)

Do you want to add any more candlestick patterns?
Write me a private message.
Version 2.1 - 2016.09.28
- fixed a problem with the calculation of the upper / lower price of the support / resistance zones