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Accurate Pivot Support And Resistance Friendly GUI

The indicator shows the accurate Support and Resistance with friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) to set up. You only need to click in order to set up. It also has the parameter as an in input field, you can use this feature to set if you don't like GUI.

Some features in this version

  • Shows level with different colors for easy identifying.
  • Shows price at the level.
  • Friendly GUI with 9 time frames to set up.
  • Auto deletes the level when it quit.

How to set up

  • Click the Button on the chart to show the menu.
  • Click the time frame which you want to show.
  • Click the Show Price button to show the price at the level.
  • Click Quit button to quit the program.

Indicator parameters

  1. UseGUI: if you set =true, the indicator will show the GUI, in which you can easily set up your indicator.
  2. PositonX; where you set the position x of the menu on your chart.
  3. PositionY: where you set the position y of the menu on your chart.
  4. TimeFrame: if you don't want to use GUI, you can use this parameter to set up the time frame of the indicator you want to show, example: M1;M5;M15;M30;H01;H04;D01;W01;MN1;. Every time frame you end with ";" .
Fx taster
Fx taster 2017.03.27 18:08 

What I dont like about this indicator it has no custom colors

hope the author will fix them soon