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ZigZag Simple

Working with all Pairs, all Time Frames, all Account Types & all Brokers.

This is a great trading robot which uses the Custom Indicator "ZigZag" with its default parameters:

  • Depth 12
  • Deviation 5
  • Backstep 3

It is trading as simple as below:

  • Buy when the ZigZag is in the button.
  • Sell when the ZigZag is in the high.


  1. Magic Number: It is the unique expert trade's ID number.
  2. Lot Size: It is a fixed lot size that you previously defined.
  3. Stop Loss: Defined stop loss value to protect your money (0: no stop loss).
  4. Take Profit: Defined take profit value to close the trade(s) with profit (0: no take profit).
  5. Max. Slippage: Maximum slippage which you want the EA to accept it.


  • Currently, This EA not developed for trading metals.
Chathusanka Yamasinghe
2017.04.13 15:52 

Thank you. It really worked.

2016.09.14 06:48