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Important: for the correct font in the menu, please download and install the Agency FB font!

iBOUNCE is a scalping and breakout EA. The EA consists of a main innovative algorythm with seven filters to get a perfect entry.

It mainly works with trailing stops on standard orders - no pending orders spam...

The compact menu shows you the current status of the EA and the current status of BUY and/or SELL movement. By clicking the button, iBOUNCE stops trading.

If something is not working correctly, the EA also stops trading and notifies you about the error in the EA menu.

A special feature is Stealth Trailing Stop. This allows you to hide the trailings from your sensitive broker, so your broker will only see your open and close orders. This is necessary when your broker does not allow (short) trailing stops.

The EA is not dependent on a "high quality" slippage or a "0.00001ms" VPS Ping... - iBOUNCE is not a "hyper" tick scalper.

Currently working pairs:

  • EURUSD M30


  • Standard VPS for 24/7 trading
  • Low-spread broker
  • Min. leverage 1:50 (min. 1:100 for high and very high risk)


  • Use high or very high risk ONLY if you agree with possible high DD and possible high losses
  • Use default settings, unless we gave you specific one

The EA will be continuously updated for different pairs as well.

For detailed view of your account statistics and the broker spread, you can download our free tools TraidingInfo and SpreadLive.

All real accounts monitoring can be found here.


  • ExpertID1 - magic number
  • ExpertID2- magic number for second Trade
  • ExpertID3- magic number for third Trade
  • Comment - order comment


  • Type - trailing stop type
  • Multiplier - Multiply Trades and/or Trades and lots
  • Lot-Multiplier1 - Lotsize for first Multiplier trade
  • Lot-Multiplier1 - Lotsize for second Multiplier trade
  • Money Management - auto lot size depends on your capital
  • MM Risk - risk used for MM, higher Risk -> more gain
  • Spread limit - max allowed spread to trade
  • TP - take profit
  • Stop Loss - your stop loss
  • Lot Size - your lot size to trade, works only if MM = false


  • Show Menu - on/off
  • Draw in Background - show the menu in the background
  • Menu Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu (horizontal)
  • Menu Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu (vertical)
  • Menu Background color - button color
  • Menu Label color - label color
  • Show Status - on/off the status bar
  • Status Background - background color of the status bar
  • Status BUY - color of the status bar for Buy
  • Status SELL - color of the status bar for Sell
  • Risk Very Low - color of the very low risk bar
  • Risk Low - color of the low risk bar
  • Risk Middle - color of the middle risk bar
  • Risk High - color of the high risk bar
  • Risk Very High - color of the very high risk bar
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Version 4.95 - 2016.09.08
Added new function "Multiplier"
Improved Default settings