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Easy Grider Demo

The EA creates an order grid using labels. Opening and closing of the grid is done either automatically by the system signals or manually. In the same grid can be both Limit and Stop orders. It is possible to coup the grid on specified condition. You can enter the breakdown / rebound from established levels. All types of Sell limit, Buy limit, Buy stop, Sell stop orders are supported. The grid is rebuilt with a single click. The stop loss and take profit lines can be easily modified.

  • You are free to close/open the grid orders manually (to fix partial profit/loss). 
  • Restart the Expert Advisor again, the grid and orders will be determined by the EA. 
  • Run two or three EAs in different directions, on different or same symbols (with different magic numbers).
  • Move labels, rearrange them, delete, change volume or color (Color of labels (OFF) to Color of labels (ON) — restore step). Only the first step cannot be removed manually (Step001).
  • The steps of the entire grid can be viewed in the Objects window ('Ctrl+b' key combination). Also, the information on the current operation of the EA is displayed in the top left corner.
  • You can configure the method of closing positions - FIFO / LIFO. 
  • The EA is bilingual, it automatically detects the English and Russian languages.


  • – / + — Minimize & Maximize menu buttons.
  • Close Grid — closing the current grid. If `Pause` is pressed — button does not work.
  • Pause — the EA is set to standby mode, no action is performed.
  • Sell Limit — plot sell limit grid, if there currently is no grid with open real orders and if the `Pause` button is not pressed.
  • Buy Limit — same for buy limit.
  • Buy Stop — same for buy stop.
  • Sell Stop — same for sell stop.

Due to description length limitations, the detailed description of the parameters is available in the Comments.

This is a demo version! The Expert Advisor will work only on GBPUSD! The full version is available here.

Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.28 04:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.05.13 11:26 

Very good tool

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.03.17 17:58 

Nice idea, risky though.