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Night Scalper

This trading algorithm is designed for trading during low-volatility periods: the night before the opening of the London session or for trading low-volatility pairs. The trading robot allows to flexibly adjust trading parameters, including the risk level per trade, so that it is possible to maintain a balance between expected return and drawdown.

The robot locks profit using Trailing Stop.

Despite the fact that the algorithm includes a trading signals filter, it is not recommended for use during high volatility and especially during important news releases.


  • BBPeriod - period of the BollingerBands indicator
  • BBDev - the distance between Bollinger Bands and the moving average, in standard deviations
  • StdDevPeriod - standard deviation period
  • StdDevFilter - maximum allowable value of standard deviation for trading
  • SpreadFilter - maximum allowable spread value for trading
  • TrailingStart - profit of an open position in points, reaching which the EA will start trailing Stop Loss
  • TrailStep - step of change for TraingStop
  • SL - Stop Loss value set during position opening
  • RiskPercent - risk used for opening a position as a percent of capital (not taking into slippage)
  • TradeStartHour - trading start hour (server time), after that time the EA is allowed to open positions
  • TradeStopHour - trading end hour (server time), after that time the EA is not allowed to open positions
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