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Important: for the correct font in the Menu, please download and install the "Agency FB"font!

BreakoutSR shows you possible breakouts for current/following day.

With integrated Support and Resistance lines and a menu you have a better overview of the chart.

If the candle closes above "LONG" go long, if the candle closes below "SHORT" go short. Same is for SHORT/LONG Breakouts.

Quick and easy to understand - tool, perfect for all types of traders.

BreakOutSR Inputs

  • MT4 Alert - Alerts you on ur MT4 Terminal
  • Broker GTM - your Broker GTM


  • Draw Breakouts - Draw the Breakout lines
  • Draw Label - Draw the labels of the Breakouts
  • Draw Breakouts Background
  • Fontsize - Fontsize for lables
  • BO Label - Breakout label color
  • Long Line - Long line color
  • Long Breakout - Long Breakouts color
  • Short Line - Short line color
  • Short Breakout - Short Breakout color
  • Middle Backround

S R:

  • Draw SR - Draw Support and Resistance lines
  • Draw Label - Labels for the SR lines
  • Fontsize
  • SR label - Color SR labels
  • Support - Color for the Support lines
  • Resistance - Color for the Resistance lines


  • Show Menu - on/off the Menu
  • Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu (horizontal)
  • Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu (vertical)
  • Menu in Background - if yes, then you see other objects through the menu
  • Menu Background color - the color of menu
  • Manu Label color - the color of the font
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