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Quantum frequency for MT4

Quantum frequency

The indicator calculates the quantum frequencies using the current market data. The quantum frequencies are used in Spectrum analysis of automated trading systems to create quantum filters for selecting signals, i.e. skipping trades that are likely to be unprofitable.

How It Works

  1. It analyses the trade results of automated trading system for each frequency (512 frequencies are used).
  2. Calculation of the frequency response to search for "profitable" and "unprofitable" frequencies.
  3. Creation of filter, that will filter the signals and block the unprofitable ones.
  4. As a result, it allows to create an automated trading system based on original with fewer losing trades.

Input Parameter

  • Depth indicator calculation - depth of history in bars for the indicator calculation. The value must be greater than 4.


  • 0 - Quantum frequency to BUY
  • 1 - Quantum frequency to SELL
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