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Neiro C

Neiro C is a self-learning Expert Advisor based on a multilayer neural network.


  • Self-learning before trading
  • Ability to save the neural network settings to a file, as well as downloading the settings from the file to the network
  • Periodic network self-learning during the EA operation
  • Built-in trailing stop
  • Automated/fixed trading lot
  • Spread limitation

Recommended timeframe - H1.


  • Symbol, for current leave empty - enter a symbol or leave blank to use the current chart symbol
  • Allow Trade - enable/disable trading
  • Allow Sounds - enable/disable an audio alert when performing trading operations
  • Max Lot - maximum lot limitation.
  • Auto Lot - if true, a lot is calculated automatically considering risk_rate risk level, but not exceeding the max_lot value. If false, max_lot value is used.
  • iRisk Rate in % - maximum lot limitation.
  • Load weights from file - download the saved network status from a file
  • Save weights to file - save the current network status to a file
  • Teach before trade - train the network before trading. This can be useful during the EA's first launch
  • Enable self teach - network trains itself over time
  • Take Profit (in pips) - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss (in pips) - stop loss in points.
  • Allow Orders Types - order type (All, Only buy, Only sell).
  • Spread Limit (in pips) - spread limitation when performing trades.
  • Use Trailing - enable trailing stop.
  • Trailing Points - number of points for trailing.
  • Trailing Offset - shift in points from an open price to start trailing stop.

The default parameters are set for trading EURUSD.

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