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Key Levels Expected

This indicator appears similar to the famous indicators (camarilla and weekly pivot), the similarity is limited to the existence of a pivot line and support and resistance levels around it, but this indicator calculates these levels differently, you can notice that the distance between the pivot line and the resistance level is different than the distance between the pivot line and support levels in this indicator the first rule is that the price is expected where the distance is greater.

At the opening of a new candle (H4) if you work with parameter "version 1" or (W1) for "version 2", the indicator recalculates the next key levels of the movement and where the distance is greater the price is expected with very high probability, and even if the price goes to the area or levels are tightened these levels remain key levels in its movement.

The indicator on the chart H4 and less displays a message on the expected side.

The most important support levels S2 and S6 ,the same the most important resistances levels are R2 and R6.

The price Swinging between S2 and R2, but if it goes above its target R1 is R6 and from there he will be under pressure sellers to return to the PP line and even if it goes below S2 c 'S6 is its limit and there will be pressure from buyers to line PP.

The most important parameter (version) that will let you choose the version 1 if you work on the chart H1 and less or version 2 if you work on a Daily chart or H4.

Using this indicator having both versions the user can combine the trend of prices among the different levels to consolidate its forecast about the next level and the time to reach.

The other parameter: "Iknowthenextkeylevels" is for initialization and interaction!

concerning the colors, they are fixed.

The indicator calculates the distance between the PP Line and support and resistance levels based on the data of the last two bars closed; in version 1 the period of two closed bars is H4 in version 2 the period of these two bars is W1, so the validity of the levels in the version 1 then four hours after the opening of a new H4 bar, against the validity of the levels in version 2 is a week after the opening of the market.

After the opening of the new bar in both versions levels that appears on the chart in the zone before the opening can be operated based on existing substrates and resistance

The combination of this indicator with my indicators forces including the indicator 'see link below' makes decision-making easier and increases the certainty of the intended direction.



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