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MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector MT5

The indicator analyzes the strength of price movement over the specified period using one of the built-in oscillators, with the additional feature of smoothing the values using a moving average (26 types) and displaying the conditional current state of the market: uptrend, flat or downtrend.


  • OscMode - used built-in oscillator
  • PeriodOsc - oscillator calculation period
  • PriceOsc - price used to calculate the values of the oscillator
  • PeriodSm - result smoothing period
  • ModeSm - smoothing mode
  • UseIntegratedTrendFlatLevels - if true, uses built-in levels to determine the trend/flat, otherwise uses values of the settings below
  • TrendLevelUp - uptrend start level
  • TrendLevelDn - downtrend start level
  • FlatLevelUp - level for transition of uptrend into flat
  • FlatLevelDn - level for transition of downtrend into flat
  • Precision - precision of calculations (the number of decimal places)
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