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Auto RSI

Auto RSI automatically defines the most efficient period, during which the accuracy of the signals on a given chart is at its highest. Period efficiency and signal accuracy values are displayed in the upper left corner of a price chart. Depending on a symbol and time period, the accuracy of the indicator signals can reach 90%. The indicator period is calculated using overbought/oversold levels set in the inputs. After the most efficient period is found for RSI, the indicator itself is constructed. Buy and sell signals are also displayed on a price chart.


  • Auto detection of the best RSI period in terms of the highest signal accuracy;
  • Editable overbought/oversold areas;
  • Buy/sell arrows;
  • Text and audio signal alerts;
  • Editable indicator and level line color and type;
  • Support for 4 and 5-digit quotes.


  • applied_price (default=PRICE_CLOSE) - price used for the indicator calculations;
  • level1 (default=30) - oversold level;
  • level2 (default=70) - overbought level;
  • period_min (default=2) - minimum indicator period;
  • period_max (default=100) - maximum indicator period;
  • Show_Arrows (default=true) - enable/disable buy and sell signals on a price chart;
  • UseSound (default=true) - enable/disable audio alerts when buy or sell signals appear;
  • UseAlert (default=true) - enable/disable text alerts when buy or sell signals appear.
4xplosion 2019.12.11 23:32   

My experience has been bad thus far...No alerts and no arrows on the charts...poor response from the author

areed breen
areed breen 2019.10.06 18:43 

good product!

Valery Pavlushev
Valery Pavlushev 2019.09.14 10:12 

Отличный продукт!

Классика, именно то, что я хотел.