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Fast Trade MT5

This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading. Due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system. All you have to do is open a position and set the parameters for maintenance, everything else will be handled by the EA. If you want to limit your losses, set the automatic closure by equity, all positions will be closed automatically once this level is reached. If you are trading actively, the "hot keys" are available. They allow to quickly open a position of a certain type, close positions of a certain type or all at once.


  • Works on any account type and broker.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Can be moved around the workspace and placed in any convenient location.
  • When restarted, stores its location and entered parameters.
  • Consumes minimal CPU resources.
  • Hot keys - you can assign any hot keys for opening/closing position/positions, except those that are predefined in the terminal.
  • Instant reaction of the program to pressing the "Hot keys"


  • Entering the trade volume using numeric keypad – The Ea features a function that intercepts pressing of numeric keys. This is done to allow entering the trade volume without the need to call the "Open position" dialog box when trading with the Hot keys. How does this work? For example, you have a volume of 0.50 and need 0.75. In this case, simply type 75 on the numeric pad. This is very convenient. Watch the video demonstration to better understand how it works.
  • Main Menu - displays the status of the "Trailing stop", "Order trailing", "Automatic closure" functions. It has the control buttons for calling the required dialog boxes. The main menu can be hidden from the chart using the "M" hot key. The buttons for calling the "Information" box and "Settings" of the EA are located at the top of the window.
  • Settings – general trading settings. Here you can set the hot keys for opening, closing positions by type or all. Important! If the "All Symbols" item is checked in the "Close position" dialog box, then closing positions using the hot keys will close positions of the selected type on all symbols.
  • Information – information box. Important! The data on orders are displayed only for the current symbol, or for all symbols if the "All Symbols" item is checked in the "Delete order" dialog box. The data on profit and positions are also displayed depending on the "All Symbols" item in the "Close position" dialog box.
  • Open «Open position» - opens a Buy or Sell position. The volume for the opened positions can be set either manually, or calculated automatically based on the "Percent" of free margin.
  • Close position – allows manually closing positions of a certain type on the current symbol, or on all at once, if "All Symbols" is checked. This window also allows setting the automatic closure of positions and deletion of orders (if checked) by profit, equity, time or their combination. Closure by profit works the following way. If the current profit is 350, for example, and you set the value to 200, the EA understands what needs to be closed once the profit drops to 200. If it is set to close at 500 while the current profit is 350, the EA will wait for the profit to grow to 500. Closure by "Equity" is calculated in a similar manner. Important! Profit is calculated for the current symbol only, if "All Symbols" is unchecked. If the item is checked, the profit will be calculated for all symbols.
  • Set orders – place pending order, grid of orders.
  • Del orders – delete pending orders from the current chart or from all charts if "All Symbols" is checked.
  • Trailing stop – select one of the three trailing stop types.
  • Trailing order – trailing of order/orders after the price. The structure of order grid is preserved during order trailing.

Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester due to technical limitations!

The demo version can be downloaded here.

gv961 2018.03.26 07:52 

Отличная программа!

Version 1.10 2018.07.10
1. Now the cursor does not grab trading levels behind the panel.
2. Operation of trading function has been improved.
Version 1.9 2017.08.03
Added a statistics window, which displays the statistics of the balance as a chart, as well as statistics of the position profit.
- The balance chart shows all changes in the balance - profit, commissions, swaps, deposit replenishment, withdrawal.
- The profit statistics below the chart shows the data only on positions for the selected period.
Version 1.8 2017.07.21
1. Fixed the trailing function
2. Improved the panel design
3. Performed optimization
Version 1.7 2017.07.06
1: Changed design
2: Performed optimization
Version 1.6 2017.06.13
Performed optimization.
Fixed an error when closing positions on "All Symbols".
Version 1.5 2017.06.12
1: Fixed an error that sometimes caused the dialog panel to be outside the chart.
2: Changed the Margin item in the "Open Position" dialog box.
3: Changed the ability to hide the main menu using the "M hot key".
4: Added the Tick Value items for the open positions in the "Information" dialog box.
5: Added the trade volume label to the chart.
6: Performed optimization.
Version 1.4 2016.11.08
Added the information window.
Version 1.3 2016.10.28
Performed optimization.
Version 1.2 2016.09.30
Added "Hot keys" that can be defined by user.
The hot keys can be assigned to:
-Opening a BUY position
-Opening a SELL position
-Closing all BUY orders
-Closing all SELL orders
-Closing all orders of all types.
Modified the interface.
Version 1.1 2016.09.08
Revised the interface of the main window, added new features: trailing stop and trailing of orders.