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Breakout Analyzer

Breakout Analyzer is a very convenient indicator for traders using price breakouts. The indicator tracks breakouts for custom horizontal lines. All lines are tracked simultaneously. The indicator features an extended alert system, activation timer and deactivator for the number of triggers. After processing one of the lines, it continues tracking the remaining ones on a chart. The processed line can be activated again: simply drag it to another place and it will be tracked again. You will not miss a single price breakout.


  • ShowBreakouts - show true breakouts (true/false)
  • ShowFalseBreakouts - show false breakouts (true/false)
  • TimeOutAlert - timeout for sending breakout alerts (in seconds)
  • CountAlert - number of alert repetitions
  • DisplayAlerts - show a window with alerts (true/false)
  • EmailAlerts - send alerts by email (true/false)
  • PushAlerts - send push notifications (true/false)
  • SoundAlerts - sound alert (true/false)
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