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This is our new No-Repaint-Strategy for binary options.

It is a trend follower. Optimized for binary option trading. Expiry should be:

TimeFrame Expiry trade
M1 5 minutes
M5 10 - 15 minutes
M15 30 - 60 minutes
M30 1 - 2 hours
H1 1 - 4 hours

The indicator has been developed for short termination trading, but he does in higher timeframes with LONG termination trades also a good figure.

With our tool, "My Binary SHORT-TERM optimizer" you can can determine the optimum settings for each currency pair and timeframe.


  • Signal Bar: "immediately" = current bar, "only at new bar" = signal at new bar
  • Show Past Signals:: true = signal and Win/Lost results of the past signals are evaluated on the chart, false = no past signal and no past WIN or LOST results
  • Trade Expiry: Expiry time for the trades for a list
  • SHORT Period: Period of the indicator
  • Period Filter: Trend filter of the indicator
  • Alert, Mail, Notification, Sound: true = if there is a signal, an alert and/or a message is displayed
  • View Results: true = show results
  • Follow Trade if Lost: Simulate 0-5 follow trades, if the trade before is Lost
  • Martingale only at Volatility: true = Show the max. Martingale Trades only if the Volatility is sufficient
  • Start Hour: Start hour for results
  • Stop Hour: Stop hour for results
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