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Fibroke Resuport Levels

Fibroke Resuport Levels indicator specially designed for long run and short-term trades. This indicator strategy based on Price action strategy and it have included Fibonacci retracement tool. It has many other math calculation to get accurate trend and support/resistance levels.


  • M30-H1 or higher timeframe

Trading Conditions

  • When the market touches or crosses any level first time after placing the indicator, you can take trade only once on each level.


  1. Bearish Entry: if a bullish candle crosses any above level, then take a sell trade
  2. Bullish Entry: if a Bearish candle moves down and crosses or touches a lower level for the first time, then take buy position


  • Reset_High_Levels: Reset all higher levels after completing targets
  • Reset_Low_Levels: Reset all lower levels after completing targets
  • Chanels: Get max bars high and low point for analysis
  • Shift_Lables: Shift labels on the chart by candles number

Note: You can change upper_target into R2, R3 or R4 and lower_target into S2, S3 or S4.

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