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PZ Volatmeter MT5

The PZ Volatmeter indicator measures volatility in a multi-timeframe fashion aiming at identifying flat markets, volatility spikes and price movement cycles in the market.

  • Trade when volatility is on your side
  • Identify short-term volatility and price spikes
  • Find volatility cycles at a glance
  • The indicator is non-repainting

The ingredients of the indicator are the following...

  • The green histogram is the current bar volatility
  • The blue line is the fast volatility value
  • The orange line is the slow volatility value
  • The red line is the higher timeframe volatility

...and have straightforward trading implications:

  • If the green histogram is above two lines, short-term volatility is extreme
  • If the blue line is above the orange line, volatility is generally high
  • If the orange line is above the red line, the market volatility is high
  • Zoom out the chart to see the volatility cycle reflected on the red line


The only functional parameters of the indicator are the following.

  • Fast ATR Period: ATR period for the current timeframe
  • Slow ATR Period: ATR period for higher timeframes


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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