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EURUSD Trend is a trend following Expert Advisor.

The EA follows ADX (Average Directional Index) signals. This is a proactive indicator displaying a trend power (whether it continues or gradually weakens) before the price movement. When a buy or sell signal appears, the EA opens a grid of orders in the necessary direction.


  • Currency pair: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Recommended leverage: 1:500 or higher
  • Minimum deposit: $100

Settings and Input Parameters


  • Risk - risk (<0.5 - low, >0.5 - high);

Grid parameters:

  • FirstStep - first step from the current price;
  • The number of orders in the grid - number of orders in the grid;
  • Distance (in points) between the orders - distance between orders (in points);
  • K_Lot (multiplication of the Lot) - lot multiplication;
  • Timeout after the closure orders - timeout after orders are closed;
  • Slippage - slippage;

Take profit and stop loss:

  • StopLoss (0-It don't establish SL, it recommended 90) - stop loss (in points, recommended 90);
  • TakeProfit (0-It don't establish TP, it recommended 30) - take profit (in points, recommended 30);

Trading time:

  • to start on Monday - trading start on Monday;
  • finish on Monday - trading end on Monday;
  • to start on Tuesday - trading start on Tuesday;
  • finish on Tuesday - trading end on Tuesday;
  • start on Wednesday - trading start on Wednesday;
  • finish on Wednesday - trading end on Wednesday;
  • to begin on Thursday - trading start on Thursday;
  • finish on Thursday - trading end on Thursday;
  • to start on Friday - trading start on Friday;
  • finish on Friday - trading end on Friday;

Trading time at the first Friday of the month:

  • to start on Friday - trading start;
  • finish on Friday - trading end.

Trading instructions

Set the EA operation time for the upcoming trading week. This will take 5-10 minutes:

  1. See the economic calendar for a date and time of news releases (CPI, central bank meetings and interest rates for EUR, USD and GBP);
  2. Set the EA operation time for the upcoming trading week:
    • CPI - do not trade at a news release day,
    • central bank meetings and interest rates - do not trade one day before and at a news releases days;
  3. The EA is ready to trade;
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 a week later.


  • It is recommended to use this EA on the same account with GBPUSD Reversal (one EA works while the other rests)
  • Before running the EA on a real account test it between news releases (news list in the instructions above)
  • On a real account set the initial risk to minimum (for 4-digits set risk = 0.2, at a risk of 0.2 you risk 20% of the deposit)

What to do if the Stop loss was triggered???

Signals of the GBPUSD Reversal and EURUSD Trend Expert Advisors have quite high accuracy, but is still room for the unexpected (on average 1-2 times per year)

  • If a stop loss was triggered, then in order to recover the deposit, increase the risk to 0.45 (1.0)
  • Once the deposit is recovered, change the risk back to the initial value
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Version 1.5 - 2016.08.03
+ Added push notifications if the EA is about to enter the market
+ Added ability to trade if an account has third-party positions (opened by another EA or manually)