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Auto Breakeven Helper

The EA picks up your losing order and tries to close it at 0 or in small plus.

Advantages of the EA

  • It is fully automatic. (opens and closes normal and protective orders).
  • picks up manually opened orders. (in this case, only protective orders).
  • flexible configuration of settings.
  • output of further actions to the screen. (you will always know its future actions.
  • adjustable lot ratio.
  • full developer support in shortest time. (simply contact me).
  • works on 2,3,4,5-digits, any currency pair and any timeframe.


  • Lot - Lot size for the EA to open orders, if OpenBuyRightNow or OpenSellRightNow is set to true.
  • CommentStats - Display important trade levels on the screen.
  • start_lock_pips - the number of points after which the EA picks up your losing trade and starts to make decisions automatically.
  • exit_trade_pips - the limit in points, at which all orders will be closed at 0 or in a slight plus.
  • multiplier - lot size for protective orders.
  • profit_in_pips - the number of points, after reaching which the first order will be closed (protective orders were not opened).
  • OpenBuyRightNow - immediately open 1 buy trade.
  • OpenSellRightNow - immediately open 1 sell trade.

With the help of the OpenBuyRightNow and OpenSellRightNow parameters, you can use this EA as a full-fledged robot (and also backtest

its operability), it will simply open a trade every time and close it after the profit level is reached.

If the price moves in the opposite direction, then it will open protective orders.

Also, the EA can pick up orders opened by you.

How It Works

You have a strategy you trade with, you open 1 order and activate the Auto Breakeven Helper.

If the price goes in the favorable direction - good, you close by take profit. (it is important to set

the take profit to no lower than the one in your trade, otherwise it will close it earlier.)

Or you can open your trade without TP in the order, but setting the TP in the EA. Then it will close the trade for you.

If the price moves in the opposite direction, then the Auto Breakeven Helper takes the lead.

Depending on the settings, it will open new orders to close them with a total profit of 0 or more.

Everything is simple, the EA is fully automatic, you only need to watch.

Important recommendations

  • You need to have sufficient account balance to open the protective orders.
  • Large leverage.
  • The EA is designed for 1 trade only. (please, do not run the EA on different currency pairs simultaneously).
  • Please test the product on a demo account before you apply it to a real money account.

If you have any questions, contact me immediately.

Best regards,

Sheikin Roman

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Version 1.1 2016.12.15
Trade opening settings were changed