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PowerTrender MT5

PowerTrender is a directional movement indicator which defines a trend at the moment of its birth when the price is just about to change direction. Just follow the indicator color: buy when the line color changes from red to green and sell when the line becomes red again.

Despite its simplicity and clarity, PowerTrender is based on digital signal processing and complex non-linear price processing. The complex mathematical apparatus allows PowerTrender to display the new price movement when most of other indicators are still showing an old movement coming to an end. Test PowerTrender in the strategy tester to see its ability to forecast a future trend at its very beginning.

PowerTrender main calculation settings are as follows:

  • Period - indicator calculation period. Recommend values are from 3 to 20.
  • Color Sensitivity - the most important parameter defining the indicator sensitivity to price changes. The higher the value, the more often the indicator changes the color or trend direction. The maximum value equal to 100.0% means sensitivity to the slightest price changes. The minimum value of 0.0% means complete insensitivity to price changes and is of no practical value. Recommended values are from 100.0% to 90.0% with a step of 0.1%. The most optimal value is 97.0%.
  • Algorithm Type - calculation algorithm type. There are two types of algorithm: Nonlinear Dynamics (default) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Both algorithms provide different types of smoothing, though Nonlinear Dynamics is more versatile and advantageous.

The following settings define the indicator appearance:

  • Color Theme - indicator color scheme. Three schemes are available (see the screenshots).
  • Size - indicator size. Three line sizes are available: small, medium, and large.
  • Chart Foreground - show bars in the foreground.

Also, PowerTrender is able to send push-notifications and display Alert messages when a trend changes. The following setting enable and disable the custom notification functions:

  • Enable Push Notifications - If set to true, once the market trend changes, a special information message will be sent to the user's mobile device.
  • Enable Alert Notifications - If set to true, once the market trend changes, a special information line will be output to the alerts window.
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Version 2.0 2016.08.12
Version 2.0 contains many bug fixes and a substantially revised code of the first version of the indicator. Actually, version 2.0 is the service pack of the first version. Here is a brief list of fixes:
- The source code of the indicator has been substantially revised.
- The indicator performance speed has been substantially increased. Now all calculations are performed within once cycle.
- Fixed disappearance of color. The error could appear during indicator testing and real-time operation. In the previous version some parts of the signal line were not colored in one of two primary colors.
- Fixed calculation of last bar index. This error resulted in a two-bar delay in the appearance of a signal. It means the actually generated signal was only available two bars after it had been received. The error could appear during testing and real-time operation.
- Fixed the calculation of the last bar index, which also led to a back-redrawing of a signal of a new trend beginning (in the form of a square). The error could appear during testing and real-time operation. I.e. the signal was redrawn, although this is actually a non-redrawing algorithm.
- Fixed push notifications and alerts. Now, new notifications are generated without delays and arrive on the user's mobile device immediately after the final signal formation.
- Improved algorithm of calculation of the main line levels. Now they are less sensitive to market noise and at the same time remained sensitive enough to react to significant market changes.
- At the request of users, added a new line size "Micro". In this mode, the indicator line is even thinner than in the "Small" mode. This mode is recommended for testing in Expert Advisors.
- Indicators PowerTrender for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are now identical. Their source coed now constitute a single base. Thus PowerTrender has really become a cross-platform indicator.