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New World

New World Project is a complete EA from manual trading to indicators, to trend following to money management, to multi-timeframe and multi-currency trading which enables you to play Scalping, Hedging or Day Trading with additional specs of alerting you each Trade is Closed. And all you need to do is to edit the parameters based on the trade you want to in.

New World is a new way of calculating you Lot Size on Hedging which is based on Target Pips and not on the lot multiplier which will make it easier for you to set the parameters. This EA will also compute for your lot size based on the number of times you want to hedge and amount you want to risk. Which is less stress for you to trade.

Specifically, this EA is very flexible whether you want to trade Scalping, Hedging or both with a multi-timeframe and multi-currency specifications. Trading from Hedging to Scalping or Scalping to Hedging is also possible based on certain situations. Also, the indicator being used to make a trade for this EA is a 3 Period moving average which is easy to edit based on your preference and mid-day trading is also possible for this EA.

EA parameters

  • TRADE_STYLE - Scalp or Hedge?
  • RISK_LEVEL - Level 1 the lowest and 4 the Highest
    • EA_RECOMMENDED_LOT_SIZE - New World computed Lot Size based on the inputs.
    • YOUR_PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - The Lot size you want to use
  • PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - The Lot Size you want instead of EA
  • MAX_PAIRS_TO_TRADE - Number of Currencies to trade at a time.
  • ORDER_CORRECTION - unnecessary TP, SL and Pending Orders and human intervention errors will be automatically corrected for all your trades.
  • ALERT - On or Off
  • SHOW_COMMENT_STATUS - Show or Hide Account Status
  • SHOW_COMMENT_PERIOD - Show or Hide Periods
  • SHOW_COMMENT_HEDGING - Show or Hide Hedging
  • TOTAL_RISK_AMOUNT - Total amount you are willing to risk for all the trades. Loss more than this will automatically close "ALL" trades.
  • TOTAL_TARGET_PROFIT - Total amount you are willing to take for all trades. Gains more than the said amount will automatically close "ALL" trades.
  • TP_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - Target Pips to TP. Can either scalp or day trade based on your target pips
  • SL_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - amount of pips you are prepare to loss for this trade. *NOTE: putting a zero on this parameter will automatically make your Lot Size .01
  • RISK_AMOUNT_NO_HEDGE - The amount of money you are willing to risk for this trade. *NOTE: putting a zero on this parameter will automatically make your Lot Size .01
  • COMMISSION_AND_SWAP - Choose whether to include commission and swaps on computations.
  • TIMES_TO_HEDGE - Number of times to Hedge
  • RISK_AMOUNT_WITH_HEDGE - Amount willing to risk
  • TP_PIPS_WITH_HEDGE - Amount of Pips you want to TP for your "1stTRADE"
  • PIPS_TO_HEDGE - Pips difference to hedge
  • PIPS_TO_BREAK_EVEN - Target Pips to recover from the loss on first trades.
  • TARGET_PROFIT - Amount to close after profit
  • TARGET_PIPS - Additional Target pips after break even
  • TARGET_PIPS_ACCURACY - Enables NEW World to change TP and SL accuracy. *Note: High Spec Computers is suggested for High Accuracy Option
  • CHOOSE_MA_PERIOD - Choose What Period to Use
  • Period_1 - Period for MA 1
  • Period_2 - Period for MA 2
  • Period_3 - Period for MA 3
  • TIMEFRAMES_USED - Choose time frames
  • SPECIAL_COMMAND - Choosing Yes for the 3 levels will automatically close all trades
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