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It identifies a sideways trend (flat) at an early stage and draws its boundaries, on any timeframe, on any instrument, until the trend changes.

The indicator is based on the analysis of the wave characteristics, it warns about probable sideways trend (flat).

It predicts a flat before it becomes visible on the chart.

Analyzes only the timeframe of the open chart. Each chart can have only its individual range.

Does not require setting the parameters. Adapted to 2-/4- and 3-/5- digit quotes.

At the first start and when switching timeframes, it checks if there are enough bars in history, and downloads them if necessary. It works quickly. Consumes minimal CPU resources.

Bonus: classic trend lines in a simplified variant. (The full version can be seen in the ProZZcom indicator)

If necessary, the trend lines can be disabled in the indicator settings.

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